Patient Reviews

For the last seven years, my son has suffered with a mood disorder, ADD, and substance abuse. During that time, he was treated by several doctors, was on over a dozen different medications, was hospitalized three times, and was in rehab four times with no hope in sight. THEN WE FOUND DR. BINDER. He listened carefully and with compassion to my son’s history and symptoms, understood immediately what the problem was, explained things clearly, diagnosed him properly, and put him on the appropriate medication. Within a few months, my son’s transformation has been dramatic and amazing. He is now happy, productive, and abstinent from drugs and alcohol. Dr. Binder has been a Godsend to my son and our family. I truly believe he has saved my son’s life.

Nancy K


Dr. Binder is a Godsend to me. He helped me out of a severe depression. He is compassionate and listens to everything you tell him. I don't know what I would have done without him. God bless you Dr. Binder. 

Posted September 2011


Dr. Michael Binder is a gift from GOD  to our planet.  He is the most brilliant, caring, loving man one could ever talk with.  He listens, he understands, he cares, he loves, he relates, he fixes, he goes the extra mile and he makes you feel like you are the most important human being in his life at the time you are speaking with him.  He has saved our family on many occasions.  We have referred him, we have enjoyed him, we are grateful for him.  We love him.  He has ideas that are above and beyond that of medicine.  Ideas that work.  He is a scientist in his own right.  He is a leader, a christian, a vessel from the ultimate doctor and creator.  He is --simply the BEST. 

Posted November 22, 2015


I had my first appointment with Dr. Binder one year ago. After I explained my symptoms, he immediately diagnosed me with Cyclothymic Disorder. Cyclothymia is a mood disorder similar to bipolar, albeit less severe. By the time I started treatment, Cyclothymia had destroyed my life. I lost my friends, nearly failed out of college, and had no future whatsoever. I had literally lost my grip on reality. Anyway, I was eventually prescribed lithium which has changed my life.

Today, I am a first year in law school. I am astounded by how far I have come and it is truly all thanks to Dr. Binder. Obviously he correctly diagnosed me and prescribed an unbelievable medication. However, he has done so much more. Dr. Binder is very kind, understanding and knowledgeable. From day one I felt like I was in great hands, I knew I could trust him and that he would help me. All I had to do was listen. I am very quick to recommend Dr. Binder. Cyclothymia can be terrible and I hope that people with it can experience a balanced mind like I am.

Jon Student


Dr. Michael Binder restored my faith in psychiatry.  I am bipolar.  Like many of us, I've countless psychiatrists: I’ve been through the mill.  I’ve been treated like cattle, pills shoved down my throat, no one listening, just another statistic.  What distinguishes Dr. Binder is his trust in his patients, his willingness to listen and experiment, his deep practice-based knowledge of medication, and his kind and caring presence. His recognition and avoidance of the problems that many of us experience with conventional approaches is unique in my experience. I have spoken to many, many “bipolarites”, whether I or II or cyclothymic, and it’s a running and bitter joke among us that our psychiatrics know less than nothing about the pills they push on us.  So many times they say: “Come back in two months or three months and we’ll go from there.”  To a person in crisis, who may be at the end of their earthly tether, this aloof disregard is not only dangerous, it is malpractice.  This is so for the simple reason that so many of these drugs work within days of taking them.  We, who take these pills, know this!  When I was in my deepest crisis, when my life was literally on the line, Dr. Binder worked with me day by day.  Within a week and-a-half we had found a medical combination that for the first time in four years stabilized me.  We did by this by rapidly trialing drugs, not by waiting and crossing our fingers.  Once we found something that actually worked for me, we cautiously refined and tweaked dosages so that I receive maximum benefit at the lowest possible dosage.  Finally, Dr. Binder is completely aware of the spiritual/emotional/mental components of recovery.  He does not treat medication as a cure-all.  He is the very opposite of aggressive.  He believes, simply, that appropriate, individually-tailored medication helps give us that necessary assist to let us get a grip on our minds and emotions so that we can make the choices and changes that lead to a balanced, calm, sustainable life. I am so glad I found Dr. Binder, a sensible and caring psychiatrist who is using his judgment, wisdom, and years of clinical experience to understand that each patient is unique.


I have been grateful to be a patient of Dr. Michael Binder for over the past 15 years. He was first introduced to me as my adolescent psychiatrist at Waukesha Memorial Hospital. I was very depressed, struggling with anxiety and mood changes. I am now in my 30’s, am married and consider myself to be a happy and successful person. I have Dr. Binder to thank for this. He allows me to comfortably express my true feelings, shows unconditional positive regard, provides reassurance, and gives me direction when needed. Along with psychotropic medication management, Dr. Binder uses aspects of spiritual guidance which assist me in healing my mind, body and spirit. As of tomorrow, it will be one full year I have been off of my medication. My soul is strong again. I will always greatly value the guidance, care and treatment he provides. Thank you Dr. Binder. He has my highest recommendation.

Carlen Kay